Jan 17, 2012

Aderra worked hard in 2011 to bring new Media to the Masses

Doing a quick yearend wrap up and I am amazed at what we did that worked at concerts this year. Aderra Media teams delivered concert recordings to hundreds of thousands of fans and they simply worked hard to make the best experience possible. While other download scam companies ripoff artists, Aderra makes them money on the road.

Jan 6, 2012


I didn't post much during the last half of 2011 as I got a little too busy at Aderra. I finished the year even more strongly convinced that DIY Direct to Fan is a limited route to success for most artists. Performers, producers and songwriters put their 10,000 hours into honing their craft NOT becoming marketing experts. So why take on a bunch tasks you're not skilled at?
Spend 2012 working on this:

  • Write great songs
  • Practice performing those tunes live
  • TOUR
  • Make friends with other acts
  • CDs are for old people, don't waste your time and money making them
  • Forget about record labels, they'll find you when you're ready