Jul 28, 2010

The CULT's new single Available exclusively at iTunes

The Cult - New Single Released by New Wilderness/ Aderra
The Cult return with their first studio recording in three years, “Everyman and Woman is a Star”. Produced by Chris Goss (Masters of Reality, Queens of the Stone Age), the track captures the thunder of their live show and the fire of their classic hits such as “She Sells Sanctuary” and “Wildflower”.

Location, Los Angeles, CA – As fans anticipate The Cult’s upcoming performance at The Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth on August 1, 2010, the band has announced the release of their first new studio recording since 2007, “Everyman and Woman is a Star”. The new single is being released as a two-week exclusive through the iTunes store.

Rock fans worldwide will immediately recognize Billy Duffy’s blistering guitars and Ian Astbury’s powerful vocals soaring over a relentless beat. This is the lead off track of a four song “Capsule” scheduled to be released in fall of 2010. As a thank you to fans for their support, limited edition “Cult Destroy Knebworth” shirts will be distributed as the band take the stage at Sonisphere on August 1st.

"The latest recordings from The Cult, guided by Legendary producer Chris Goss, are a mixture of violent guitars, emotive vocal performances with high melody and driving beats. Textured metaphysical rock music for the contemporary music head.” - Ian Astbury, Singer, The Cult

Rather than revisit the traditional method of releasing a long form CD, The Cult is getting new material to fans in the form of a “Capsule” a collection of not just new music, but film, art and fashion. The “Capsule” will span across multiple media formats including vinyl, digital, USB, CD and DVD formats. The first opportunity fans will get to hear “Everyman and Woman is a Star”, outside of seeing the band live, is through an exclusive distribution through Apple’s iTunes store.

This new release is a partnership between the band’s New Wilderness label and media pioneers Aderra. In 2009, Aderra recorded several live shows on the band’s U.S. and European tours including a sold out appearance at The Royal Albert Hall in London. The live recordings were released exclusively through a USB flash drive housed in a dog tag necklace. The success of this initial project lead to this partnership to release the new Capsule material on multiple formats. http://aderra.net

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About Aderra
Aderra Inc. provides an innovative way to capture the "once in a lifetime" experience of live shows and immediately deliver it to fans or attendees after the event. Aderra is on the cutting edge of content delivery with the use of their "All you need is Live”® USB technology. For more information, visit http://www.aderra.net.

Jul 24, 2010

So that went pretty well.

This past Thursday evening my company, Aderra, and our friends, Killola, made a little bit of history.
The Aderra office in Los Angeles, prepping for a live video stream direct to USB thumb drive using PushOvr™

Last December I posted about how I thought the folks in Killola were doing exactly all the right things that a new band should be doing. Since then they have released a new record, gone on a national tour, appeared on TV in Dallas and Salt Lake City, completed filming of a new feature length movie, opened an online store and released the K)) USB Dog Tag. Here a video that explains what fans get when they buy a K)) USB.

The USB is enabled with our new PushOvr™ Technology. PushOvr™ allows us to update content on the USB, provides a gateway to send downloads, exclusive streams, merch offers and live video streaming to inside the USB. And this is where the history part comes in. For the first time EVER we streamed a live video performance to the inside of an album.
First on June 24th then again on July 22nd we shot Killola performing and streamed it directly to the USB. This video was not viewable on the internet, it went directly to flash drive dog tags.  Here is a screen shot a fan took during the performance.
And you can read more about it HERE.
So while making claims about "making history" may seem a bit cheeky, this is a tech development I have been working on for three years now and it is personally rewarding to see it grow from idea to actuality. back in mid-2007 I began developing the idea of a User Interface that could be embedded on the USB drives we were selling at concerts.
First Major concert we recorded was Big Head Todd at Red Rocks.
At the time we loaded a single, continuous MP3 of a concert onto thumb drives at the end of a show. We were rapidly building first generation of the CapApp™ software platform for real-time encode, edit, meta-tag and burn and I wanted to find a way to make not just edited separate tracks available but also a cool way to present them to the fan. I began working on code for a stand alone desktop application and pretty quickly got discouraged by the daunting task of making something simple that would be easy to install and use for fans as well as work cross platform. I began to explore other options and looked into a browser based solution. The first UI that we built was for an artist named Kim Kline It was fairly rudimentary compared to what we are doing now but I hid my first attempt at content Pushing in the code. There was a static image on the background that had a server call to the exact same image. This way no one would notice if my experiment didn't work because the image was "missing". It worked but it was a bit clunky.

So fast forward 3 years, we're now able to create a secure tunnel directly to the browser or flash player based UI. The pinnacle of which is streaming video in real-time directly to the jump drive.

Next up: a two way portal system we call Wurmhole™.