Sep 14, 2010

THE CULT - New Music Released in Partnership with Aderra

I always start posts about Aderra by apologizing. This blog is supposed to be about my personal thoughts not just boosterism for my company. But This project has loomed large for the past couple of months. September 14, 2010 was the official drop date for The Cult's new "Capsule 1" release at Singer Ian Astbury envisioned a constant stream of mixed media content being delivered to fans. He and fellow band founder Billy Duffy made a decision to stay independent and to step outside of the usual long form CD cycle. Today was the day we set it in motion. The band partnered with Aderra to deliver their new music straight to fans. The package includes: The Cult Capsule 1 CD/DVD Dualdisc featuring two new songs, to classic live tracks and a short film by Ian Astbury and Rick Rogers, a Limited Edition 12 Inch Vinyl Single of the Cult's two new tracks, "Every Man and Woman is a Star" (we released this previously as an exclusive at iTunes)and "Siberia". Also included were MP3 and FLAC format downloads and USB "Dog Tag Capsules" of live shows from the current US Tour.

Back on August 1, we had "Every Man and Woman is a Star" debut on iTunes simultaneously as the band debuted the song live at Knebworth. To commenorate the occasion we gave out 500 limited edition "THE CULT DESTROY KNEBWORTH" t-shirts to fans right in front of the stage.
That day the song went to number one inSpain, Number 5 in Holland and top 40 on the iTunes Alternative chart. I am guessing we were the only tech company to have a song on the charts that day.

Now six weeks later we flipped the switch on and we start their US tour tonight in San Diego.

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