Apr 4, 2010

Is the CD Dead or Just Demoted? Part Two - Mike Madill from MadSound/NPFC Responds

Mike Madill from MadSound and Nineteen Point Five Collective responds to my questions about the current and future status of the Compact Disc.

1) Do you think it is important to have your music available to fans
on Compact Disc?


2) What are the reasons you do or don't make CDs?

cd's are expensive to make and hard to distribute and involve
several-to-many different steps/vendors/shippers, whereas something like
tunecore can allow one person to distribute their music globally for $50
without leaving their bedroom. (i love tunecore)

3) If you have CDs available, what price do you sell them at?


4) Have you seen the iTunes LP yet? What did you think?

yes. about time.

5) Do you offer FLAC downloads? Can you play a FLAC file on your

no, just mp3. FLAC is the digital equivalent of the audiophile system. it's
a niche. yes i can play FLAC files.

6) Does your act participate in any carbon credits or green programs
to offset the environmental impact of CDs?

i haven't manufactured any cd's for many years now. and no i don't purchase
green credits.

7) Why has there been a resurgence of interest in vinyl records?

vinyl is unique. it represents the best of analog quality, and sounds better
in many instances than digital formats. there's also a huge DJ culture who
still want to spin real vinyl, not to mention DJ hero video games. vinyl has
a cult of personality all its own.

Here's the MadSound reel:

VH1 - "Titanic" from Madsound on Vimeo.


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