Apr 10, 2010

Is the CD Dead or just Demoted? Part 4 Johnny from Killola Responds

Here is Johnny from Killola discussing their take on CDs:

1) Do you think it is important to have your music available to fans on Compact Disc?

I do. We're not quite out of the CD woods yet, media wise. It's still a comfort to hold a CD in your hands and read a booklet. As long as CD players are the standard dash-imterface in cars, people will probably want CDs.

2) What are the reasons you do or don't make CDs?

We still make them because it's a reliable and tangible music item. You can leave 20 CDs at a radio station after you do an interview... And those discs are a physical reminder of your music/visit. It's an item that a DJ can look at, and remember to play you, and give away to listeners, etc. That element, combined with the fact that people still want it.... Pushes us to still make em.

3) If you have CDs available, what price do you sell them at?

$5 for anything not new... $10 for a new release.

4) Have you seen the iTunes LP yet? What did you think?


5) Do you offer FLAC downloads? Can you play a FLAC file on your system?

If someone wants a wav/aif ... I'll get it to em somehow. I haven't messed with FLAC much.

6) Does your act participate in any carbon credits or green programs to offset the environmental impact of CDs?


7) Why has there been a resurgence of interest in vinyl records?

They're classicly cool. Music is a ritual when the playback is a process... Just like coffee making. A French press takes a while to make the coffee, and it's not simple... But some people fiend that process. I know I do. The coffee tastes better to me when I make it slowly and mind the process. That's my vinyl analogy. Vinyl=coffee press. Mp3=redbull. Both work and both have merit. Its just: what are ya feelin?

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