Apr 21, 2010

Is the CD Dead or just demoted? Part 5 with Adam Hoffman

Adam Hoffman from the Adam Hoffman Revival chimes as part of this on-going series:

1) Do you think it is important to have your music available to fans on Compact Disc?

I think that having music available on CD is fading. I do think it is important to have some tangible media available at shows. But with download cards and USB recording -- I think CDs are fading.
2) What are the reasons you do or don't make CDs?

I released my most recent album on CD for two reasons: 1) It was inexpensive to do so and easy to mail CDs 2) Ignorance. Well, ignorance is a little harsh, but I wasn't aware of all my options. If I could do it again -- I'd release on USB to provide more content for fans. Maybe include a rad AHR game.

3) If you have CDs available, what price do you sell them at?
The CDs I have are for sale for $10 -- but catch me at a show and I'll give it to you.

4) Have you seen the iTunes LP yet? What did you think?
I haven't seen the iTunes LP -- although I'm about to google it!!!

5) Do you offer FLAC downloads? Can you play a FLAC file on your system?
I don't currently offer a FLAC download. I run my own website -- so gotta keep it rather basic. The trouble with the Indie musician movement is being your own manager, promoter, booker, agent, PR, web designer -- and on and on. Too many hats, I guess -- so I'm not sure how to work a set up for downloadable FLACs.

6) Does your act participate in any carbon credits or green programs to offset the environmental impact of CDs?
Currently, we do not as an act. Personally, I do for my home -- and I am interested in purchasing Renewable Energy Credits for the Adam Hofmann Revival. Not only would it offset the impact of CDs, but it would also promote global cooling since we do enough global warming running electricity for gigs and driving around.

7) Why has there been a resurgence of interest in vinyl records?
For me, vinyl is the perfect vehicle for music. You can have a nice big artwork heavy recording. The package itself is substantial and just plain old feels good to hold. The sound is warm -- I believe it is more of a collectors piece. If you love the music, love the band, and want to really be involved and invested in the music -- vinyl is the way to go.

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