Feb 5, 2010

The 3 Main Lessons for new artists from the New Music Seminar L.A.

There were a few overarching themes at the New Music Seminar this week in Los Angeles:

1) You need help to "Do It Yourself"

After a decade or more of promises about how the internet would un-tether musicians and unlock immediate access to fans the reality has set in: It's just not that easy.

Reality has set in: It's just not that easy.

To help artists with the constant grind of social netowrking and fan out reach several companies have stepped in to assist. There are great digital tools available for indie artists through folks like Earnityourself.com, Reverb Nation, Hello Music and more (including Aderra.)

2)The Music Business is still in transition.
Some things have become apparent, The CD is a dead format. Yes there are still millions of shiny discs selling each year but the total has plummeted. While it is easy to blame peer to peer sharing there is clearly a larger trend. What's next? The current consensus seems to be that we are headed for a splintered multi-niche market. In the short term this is certain, whether there is a new paradigm of mass market success is yet to be seen.

3) The most important thing a new music act can do: MAKE GREAT MUSIC.
Don't get distracted by tweeting or updating your Facebook status. Work hard to write great songs and put on great shows. If the music is great, the rest is simple.
Dan from Killola has a more detailed take on the New Music Seminar HERE.

Post Script - A HUGE thank you to Tom Silverman and Dave Lory for giving us open access to everything and every one at NMS. From Panel recordings, to photo opportunities and private interviews it was a great day. The USB recordings will be available online shortly.

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