Dec 17, 2009

New Artist Development - Words of Wisdom from an Old Pro

One night back in 1995 I wandered into the Virgin Records store (Remember those?) on Sunset Blvd and heard a drummer warming up. As I moved into the aisles I stumbled on Dick Dale and his band about to play. This was after his Pulp Fiction fueled resurgence. When they lurched into their first song the sound of his guitar made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It was the fattest guitar tone I had ever heard. Absolutely amazing. I have been trying to get that same sound out of my rig ever since. He had 2 black face Super Reverbs just roaring. The only thing I have ever heard that comes close is Rev. Horton Heat's Gretsch + Marshall. (Ironically when the two paired on a RHH track years later neither guitar seemed as big and bad as they should have).

So fast forward 15 years or so and as the music industry stumbles around trying to figure out what comes next after the fall of the major labels, guess who seems to have things figured out: Dick Dale. Watch this interview for some absolute wisdom about how to break a new artist:


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